Sunshine Coast Skills Exchange

Put your knowledge to good use. Find the skills and mentoring you need. Build your team. Make projects happen.

What is this?

  • A directory for offering and finding skills, services, and mentoring
  • Use it for long term collaborations, or just a few minutes of Micro-consulting
  • Supports Business, Non-profit, and Personal projects

Payment types

You can agree to exchange skills for conventional payment, but we encourage you to consider alternatives as well:
  • Barter
  • Volunteer
  • Sliding scale
  • ...and many more. See Payment Types for more
You negotiate terms yourself and any payment is offline. We do not handle payments or take a cut. This site is designed to connect the right people.

Please see the FAQ for more answers.

Note: This site is for skills + services only. Not for goods, merchandise, products.