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Affordable Housing Anti-poverty Non-profit Getting started
Im working on a realestate co-buy matching system for the coast. The goal is to allow more coast land to be owned by residents, who otherwise may not be able to afford it. The idea came to me when looking for a home here. The prices are so high, yet there are some larger properties that would be perfect to split. But arranging the right pair or group of people, who are compatible life-style wise, and also resource-wise, takes time. No existing actor seems to have the incentive to make this happen. The form will be a social network site similar to , but specifically for home and property co-buying. Its partially complete.
Affordable Housing Anti-poverty Environment For profit Established
Pathway Intelligence is based in Roberts Creek, and provides technical consulting in databases, data science, and software development. We also develop and operate Software-as-a-Service products, primarily for the transportation and the sharing economy.
Affordable Housing Anti-poverty Economic Development Environment First Nation Rights Food Security Women's Rights For profit Getting started
The main economic driver of the Sunshine Coast has switched from logging the forests to eco tourism appreciating the forests. There are many people who have forest educational and health skills that the big city people of Vancouver and the tourists are very hungry for. Planetary Guardians Ecotours and adventures are to be designed taking into account a wide diverse number of offerings within this context. Land, processes, teachers and facilitators are to be connected to the needs of customers who want a new kind of experience. One where they grow, learn, and feel activated within.
Economic Development For profit Idea stage
Im seeking in feedback on this concept: ideas for partnerships, funding, and management. There are multiple mutually-reinforcing facets: 1) Providing valuable services to the local community 2) Providing local employment in the high tech sector 3) Providing local training in the high tech sector One goal is providing online services with positive social, economic, and/or environmental impact. For example, this service ( CoastSkills has been designed to support multiple communities, so it would be possible for staff from the Coast, to provide and support customized versions to communities across the country. Additional services will be added over time. Local young people will staff the operation, that could include administration, testing, design, outreach, bizdev, marketing. Initially, Pathway will provide missing skills and intial jobs could be lower skilled, building up over time.
For profit Idea stage
A rustic retreat in our woodsy backyard.
Economic Development Food Security Non-profit Getting started
This is a Facebook Group.
Women's Rights For profit Idea stage
Organizing groups of women to gather during new moons.