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Request: Need insight on Intentional community building

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Created 5:29 a.m., Thursday October 27 2016


Im seeking people who know a lot of about one or more models of intentional-community-building. What makes it work, what makes it fail?

I am seeking insight for my real-estate co-buying project:

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Im working on a realestate co-buy matching system for the coast. The goal is to allow more coast land to be owned by residents, who otherwise may not be able to afford it. The idea came to me when looking for a home here. The prices are so high, yet there are some larger properties that would be perfect to split. But arranging the right pair or group of people, who are compatible life-style wise, and also resource-wise, takes time. No existing actor seems to have the incentive to make this happen. The form will be a social network site similar to , but specifically for home and property co-buying. Its partially complete.