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Created 7:55 p.m., Friday November 18 2016


All land has the potentiality of being activated to a higher level of potential. It may need cleaning, gardening, building, refurbishing, and or any number of ways to upgrade the land. Land Activation is about considering the needs of the land steward (s), the latent potentiality of the land, communication with the magical elements, designing the right processes and fields of participation for people to unite within.


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The main economic driver of the Sunshine Coast has switched from logging the forests to eco tourism appreciating the forests. There are many people who have forest educational and health skills that the big city people of Vancouver and the tourists are very hungry for. Planetary Guardians Ecotours and adventures are to be designed taking into account a wide diverse number of offerings within this context. Land, processes, teachers and facilitators are to be connected to the needs of customers who want a new kind of experience. One where they grow, learn, and feel activated within.