Offer: Ecological Landscaping

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Roberts Creek

Created 10:54 p.m., Tuesday November 29 2016


Design ecological and holistic garden systems
Choose species that provide food, fuel, fibre, medicine and craft materials
Enhance the soil, air, water, beauty and productivity through regenerative techniques
Create biodiversity, while encouraging the use of plants native to the region
Use natural materials such as locally sourced clay, stones and wood
Support local initiatives, artisans and farmers
Grow and source organic, non-GMO plants
Organize community-lead initiatives to deal with invasive species without the use of chemicals
Remove invasive species and encourage the return of native species
Provide habitat for songbirds, bees, butterflies & other beneficial fauna
Support client participation
Encourage education on ecological land design

Consultation : Site Assessment, client interview and visioning session – resulting in a written report, with ideas, resources and references.

Design : More detailed observation of the site, mapping and design

Installation : Selecting and sourcing plants, soil building, hardscaping, design installation and maintenance plan.

Maintenance : Continued observation of garden systems and plants. Tending and upgrading as needed.


To be negotiated!

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