Frequently Asked Questions

What is this service for?

  • Offer and Request services, skills, and mentoring on the Sunshine Coast, BC
  • Useful for a few minutes of "micro-consulting", to short term work, to long term collaboration
  • For both performing a service/skill, and also mentoring/teaching a skill
  • List services for conventional payment, but also alternatives including: barter, volunteer, teamwork, sliding scale, bitcoin, and more. See Payment Types
  • Note: This site is for skills + services only! Not for goods, merchandise, products.

How much does it cost?

  • Free to use
  • You can freely negotiate and agree on price and terms with other users to exchange skills and services

Why was it created?

  • To help make the most of the diverse skillsets on the Coast
  • To assist local people and organizations find the help they need locally
  • To help the Coast economy thrive

Why not just use existing online/offline services?

Craigslist, facebook, bulletin boards, or classified ads are all used for this purpose to varying degrees of success.

This platform is specifically designed for service and skills exchange, by supporting searching, filtering, payment types, categories, mentoring.

  • Unlike most classified ads, it is free to use
  • Unlike facebook and craigslist, its navigation and categories are specifically designed for local skills exchange
  • Unlike service-only or mentorship-only systems, this site unifies mentorship and work
  • Unlike most business services directories, this site highlights alternative types of transactions
  • Unlike many alternatives, postings can potentially last a very long time
  • It is dedicated to the sunshine coast, and can be customized for the needs of the coast
  • This tool can be re-purposed and designed for specific niches, payment types, geographies, scenarios
  • Provides an analytics platform for learning about people's behavior and preferences regarding exchange of skills and use of alternative economy concepts

Do you match offers and requests?

No. You do that yourself by browsing for suitable matches.

Do you handle online payments?

No. You handle the payments directly with the other person or business. This is simply a directory service.

Who created this and who operates it?

Designed and hosted by Sunshine Coast resident Robin Chauhan.