Payment Types

This website does not handle payment, nor does it offer direct support for any kind of transactions. It simply helps you find others who you may wish to deal with.

There are many ways that people can exchange value for skills, including but not limited to cash. Users on this site can indicate which ways they are willing to transact.

Regardless of how you agree to exchange with other users, this site does not participate in the transaction or take a fee.

It is always your responsibility ensure that you comply with all CRA rules, and all applicable laws, regardless of what kind of transactions you mutually agree on. No illegal services are permitted on this site. By using this site you indicate that you agree to the Terms .

Indicating a payment type does NOT mean you are required to accept it all the time. It just means you may sometimes offer your service for that payment type. For example, if you indicate "Sliding scale", it is up to you under which conditions that would apply. We suggest you put a note in Pricing as to what limitations would apply, if possible.


Traditional payment method. In some cases, credit cards, debit cards, or personal cheques may also be accepted.

Volunteer / Free

Nothing is requested in exchange.

By Donation

Any amount is appreciated.

By charity donation

In exchange for this service, please donate to a charity. If you wish to direct donations to a specific charity, or will require proof of donation, please indicate that in the Pricing section. For example: Lisa is willing to give piano lessons, for proven foodbank donations of $10 or more in cash, or 4 or more cans of non-perishable food.

Sliding Scale

Prices may be reduced for low income, special needs, or other situations (please specify in Pricing section).


Digital currency transactions. Feel free to specify which kinds of currency in Pricing. We remind you that all transactions, including digital currency transactions, are subject to CRA rules. We do not directly support digital currency transactions on this site, handling the exchange and ensuring the exchange complies with all rules and regulations, is your responsibility.


You want to do this with other people, without any transaction.


You want to trade for something of similar value. You can indicate details in the Pricing section. This could be services or goods. (Note that goods are not listed on this site). It is up to both parties to agree on a fair trade.

We remind you that all transactions, including barter transactions, are subject to CRA rules. Handling the actual exchange and ensuring the exchange complies with all rules and regulations, is your responsibility.


The timebank concept allows for indirect exchange of time in a community. Everyone can borrow and lend minutes (or hours) to others in the community, with the ideal that eventually it all balances out. Please select this if you want to indicate your support for this payment type in future.

We remind you that all transactions, including timebank transactions are subject to CRA rules.


Seedstock is a Vancouver-based community currency that some people use on the Sunshine Coast.

If there are other Impact types you wish to see, feel free to click Contact Us.